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When you ride your cat instead of your cat riding you. See Dolphin Ride.
"Hey look, Alex is giving the cat a reverse dolphin ride."

Is that the best reverse dolphin ride you've ever seen?

I would like to learn how to give a reverse dolphin ride.
by WordManiac525 May 29, 2012
When you bend over to tie your shoes and your cat jumps on your back and rides around for awhile.
"Hey look, Jean Luc Pikitty is getting a dolphin ride again."

"I'll give you fair warning Jean Luc Pikitty will want a dolphin ride if you bend over to tie your shoe!"

"Look at all of the scratches on my back. It must have been the dolphin ride."

"Can I give Jean Luc Pikitty a dolphin ride now?"
by WordManiac525 May 29, 2012

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