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greasy fat vicious cunt that hasn't been fucking laid in 10 yrs.. can't get sex from any male member of the human race.Such a loser with the utmost fucked up personality that she desperately relies on her sick fucking fantasies for sex that she has to rely on farm animals or non members of the human race to get off.
That disgusting fat cunt needs to get laid so fucking bad...I think sh practices obeastyality
by wooly September 07, 2004
its an abbreviation for desperate is many times confused with 'despo' but that doesn't mean anything.
by wooly January 09, 2005
1. To grab hold of something, and move it towards you.

2. To stick you're tongue down someone's throat and have the same done back to you.

3. Opposite to push
1. I pulled the door handle, and it fell off.

2. Jack pulled me at that party, it was great!

3. You push the car, I'll pull it!
by Wooly April 18, 2004
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