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A phrase commonly used by black people to express disagreement, distaste or anger. Can also be used by white people, for irony or for a gangsta effect. The phrase originated in the ghettos of America among negros (or 'niggas' if you are black, or some sort of racist penis).
Negro version:
'That JC is a fuckin fool, I oughtta bust a cap in his ass'
'Nigga please!'

White Cracka verion:
'Jon, your mama sure has a fine ass'
'Nigga please! She's 41 and weighs 12 stone!"
by WooForSam September 24, 2007
A British phrase used to describe a promiscuous female and/or a homosexual male. Can also be used to describe My Chemical Romance's tour bus.
(on sight of a promiscuously dressed, knocked-up female:)
Person 1 'Look at that chav walking-sperm-bank slut. Belly like a fucking football'
Person 2 'A right penis buggy. Fuckin' pussy like a bear-trapper's hat'
Person 1 'And you would know how?'

(as My Chemical Romance drive by:)
'There goes the fucking penis buggy'
by WooForSam September 24, 2007

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