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The most amazing boy in the world. Mike can and will make you laugh harder than anyone else. He is the most adorable, cute, nice, sweet, kind, loving, caring, funny, awesome person I have ever met. Every moment of my life would be better if I could spend it with him. I could talk to him all day long and we’d never run out of things to say. His smile can make my day. He can make you laugh and want to smack him all at once. I am going to marry him. He is an amazing best friend who would put up with even a crazy person if he considered her a friend. He is someone who will be with you through the good the bad and the bleh. He is and always will be that one person you can turn to when you have a problem. Mike lights up your day even if you’re in one of those moods. Every time I see his face I smile. He is the perfect boyfriend and any girl dating him will have very few female friends, because they're all jealous whores. He's amazing. Mike has amazing biceps and a 6 pack. I love him more than the sun; I need him more than breath itself. I can’t imagine my life without him; it scares me more than anything. I will spend the rest of my life with him. I love you my Superman <3
You: omg im crying
Mike: your such a softie <3
You: shhhhhh
Mike: now your making me cry
by Wonder_woman April 11, 2013
the after effects of getting really high, slow and groggy feeling
Person 1: Man, I smoked so much last night, I woke up so faded
Person 2: Haha, only cure for that is to wake and bake!!
by Wonder_Woman March 16, 2013
someone who is always talking out of their ass, making no sense to the people around him/her. A person who could be either funny, or very annoying.
the new boss at work is a complete buttwonder.
by wonder_woman October 22, 2007
when a man/woman goes down on a woman and loves the way she tastes so much that he/she must repeat it soon after......
friend: why you talking all weird?
friends friend: i was with my girl all night, she's sherelicious, i overworked my tongue!
by wonder_woman October 22, 2007

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