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A two way radio device for short and long distance communication. There are many ham operators around the world and most ham radios are able to talk around the world depending on the solar and ionosphereic conditions. A license is required to operate these devices.
I was on my Ham Radio today and talked to a jerk in Russia.
by WolfMan April 22, 2005
The act or process of placing identical data into a multitude of separate electronic places or electronic containers, resulting in inefficiency of data altering and challenges with data consistency.
The manager’s biggest challenge in streamlining his company’s workflow was the siloization of their data that had occurred as they expanded and just kept buying different programs to plug gaps.
#compartmentalization #data storage #siloation #filing #silo
by WOLFMAN July 31, 2012
A great all around news site based at dizneyland.com, with a very informative and friendly community that uses forums and galleries as a form of communication.
I like going to Dizneyland.com, its a cool site!
by Wolfman September 01, 2003
the act of anal sex.

see trunk
George was well known among the ladies for his ability to deliver a good trunking.
by Wolfman August 08, 2003
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