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Male Genitalia.
The one thing that drives a men to everything!
Guy: Baby I’ve got something to show you.
Girl: Let me guess, your penis.
Guy: How did you know?
Girl: I’ve got a better idea. Picture these being improved on stage, by me like Oliver Burgess Meredith (Nov., 16, 1907 – Sept., 9, 1997. Actor as The Penguin in The original Batman series, Micky G From The Rocky series, Twilight Zone, and Grampa Gustafson in Grumpy old men). I’ve got a few I don’t think they know of yet:
Punch line Pole,Thunder lumber, Oscar J Deezy, Willy the one eyed wonder Whompuss,, Poon Goon, Beaver Cleaver , Brain Train , Purple headed Bullshit slinger
Jerks Mcgerkin, Baby train express, Sammy sneak a leak’s lizard, Balatrinic putti scroot
Piper the sniper , Shaganappy gamp vamp, The Camels Pole Mammal, Mushroom Mamba bic for chicks, Excalibur, Third eye nine, Lilbilly, Nay nay’s nickel stickle
Gurth for her earth, and Salami Sal.
I’ve got em all!
Guy: Do I still get to hit that?
Girl: Ok but only if Mr. Minute doesn’t come out tonight.
by Wolfdg8myS0ul November 26, 2009
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