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4 definitions by Windsor

noun. Someone who shits asses therefore making them and extremely retarded, dumbshit, douche-bag.
Why don't you shut the fuck up you stupid fucking Ass shitter!
by Windsor April 17, 2003
5 3
A guys who is a toilet and has about 20000 posts
by Windsor September 25, 2003
0 0
To ejaculate. to produce seamen as a result of stimulous
Did you use a condom? No, I just pulled out and jellyfished all over her milk wagons.
by windsor December 20, 2005
37 39
An object that can be brought down upon your enemies when you want to totally flip out.
"I am so pissed that I am going to totally whup out the Bam Stick on your ass."
by Windsor March 14, 2003
3 11