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A shortened variation of "Laugh-out-loud" LOL, also could just be a single-letter acronym for "Laugh". Typically used during "online speak" or texting. Multiple laughs could be multiple L's.
"wow that kid is such a nerd, L".

"that kid just failed, Lll".
#l #lol #lmao #lll #l0l
by Wimmeh October 22, 2009
A crazy bitch who cannot control their emotions. Known to: rage, cry, pms, and much more. Women (pl.) are known to rarely make up their minds and to never say what they really mean. women have a very hard time moving on from stuff due to emotional ties which are fucking stupid. Typically very talkative and don't know their place.
Person A: "man, my girlfriend just wont shut the fuck up"

Person B: "so she's a 'woman'?"
#woman #women #girl #female #slut #skank #bitch
by Wimmeh April 02, 2010
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