16 definitions by Wilson

A reference to the penis as heard on Adam Sandler's album "Stan and Judy's Kid".
Baby, come put your hands on my slub-a-dub.
by Wilson October 10, 2003
One who has been endowed by God with an extraordinary piece of equipment. Sent on a divin mission to pleasure as many woman as possible.
I am the TheFullWilson
by Wilson November 30, 2003
1. Poet that emigrates from USA an goes mad to the bone. 2. One who usually wants to emulate Walt Whitman 3. Man in a cage. 4. Nazi.
My english teacher is great: he´s a pound!
by Wilson January 28, 2004
a rare find, extremely unique
I've never seen a woman like that, shes a toi.
by Wilson April 20, 2005
Slang for "penis".
She totally wants my slanky.
by Wilson October 10, 2003
fucking good idea!
this usually follows after some lazy nerd tells you to fgi fucking google it.
Hellman109: fgi

Sturmy: FGI mate NERD
by Wilson October 12, 2004
a homosexual, one who likes pink, a man who is very feminem, one who likes r&b among other pussyass music
"man you are one swanass nigga
by wilson November 24, 2002

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