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Fucking google it.

It means, to get your answer, use google. Gerneally when people ask questions that a search engine would easily fine answers for.
Person1: How do I doo this
Person2: FGI!
by Hellman109 October 25, 2003
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Fucking Google It. It's an abbriviation on the internets.
"What's this?"
"What is FGI?"
"Well FGI!!!"
by DontPanic6x9 November 05, 2006
Fucking Google it.
Bob: What's the name of that new Slightly Stoopid single?

John: Dude. Stop bugging me and FGI. I have better things to do with my time than waste it searching things for your lame ass.
by diggitydogg August 18, 2008
FGI stands for "Fucking Google it.", as in a response to a stupid question, or a question someone writes on the internet when they should have just googled it to begin with.

Alternately, "FGIB" stands for "Fucking google it, bitch!"

Google is way too accessible these days for idiots to not use it when they have a dumb question about something trivial.
"Hey, what was the name of the Prince album that had the song 'Kiss'?"

by redhotjezebel June 15, 2009
Fan G' Up

Fan is a Hong Kong pronunciation for Friend (My Fan = My Friend) this term is normally used when a person is a "let down" or "didn't turn up" who does not answer phone calls.
Man, he doesn't turn up and doesn't even return calls, what a FGI
by wankodootle October 09, 2011
Fucking Google It
Friend - "Hey Soni, what's 'Missouri style BBQ'?

Soni - "FGI"
by Suzanomous July 27, 2010
"Fuckin Google It, Stupid"
Why don't you go FGIS.
by scoutilda March 30, 2006

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