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1. Bros existing together, at the same time, or in the same place

2. The movement that all bros should brohang together in peace. That bros should work together, rather than fight, and brollaborate against bropression.
Bro, did you hear about that fight this weekend?

Ya bro, we should all just broexist.
by Willisig October 20, 2009
When a bro is forced out of being a bro.
Brohibition has caused many bros to stop doing brotastic things.
by Willisig October 20, 2009
The oppression of bros.
Bro, they might cancel the lacrosse program at our school.

No way bro, that's broppression.
by Willisig October 20, 2009
When two or more bros collaborate for a common cause.
I'm going to brollaborate with all my bros to throw a huge party this weekend.
by Willisig October 20, 2009

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