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Where you go to someone's house, shit in the tank part of the toilet. the shit in there starts rotting, and starts smelling up the bathroom, and people don't know where the smell is coming from because they never look in the tank part of the toilet.
I took a crap in CJ's Top Tank and left him a Upper Deck he will never forget.
by William Wood July 19, 2005
This word refers to uncontrolable bowels while involved in a activity such as lifting , playing an instrument , or having sex. It refers to the loss of control of the bowels and the spray of fecal matter allover a room or person.
Examp. #1 I had him bent over and was about to shove it in his anus and he let go a schimmelfig allover me and the nightstand and the lamp. It took hours to clean up.
Examp. #2 He was playing the Tuba and when he hit the high note he Schimmelfigged allover himself.
by William Wood June 29, 2005
Means to stay at parents after a drug or sexual binge. The act of chilling out and lounging without a job at parents for free usually after a intervention in which they try and save their child. Possibly can also occur after a short stint in jail.
1. Man he was so fried his parents came and put him under CRASH-DOWN so he could get his shit together.
2. David was such a mess at 30 he had to CRASH-DOWN at his parents till he landed on his feet again.
by William Wood August 18, 2005
A combonation of the words Big and Thick.
1. Used to describe a males penis in a online profile to save space.
2. Can also be used to describe anything to which those 2 apply.
1. My cock is Bick.
2. I got a shake from sonic last night it was Bick.
by william wood August 08, 2006
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