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the musical accompaniment given a jazzman doing a solo.
_ Yo Yo, ah need some back when ah do da solo what 'chew thinkin' man?

- otay, let's try ag'in !!! what 'chew trippin foo'
by William Warney April 05, 2011
A woman who looks for foreigners in the internet or anywhere else 'with passport in one hand and a condom on the other hand' where sex tourism is not restricted only among prostitutes but also among middle-class college students trying to find a better way of life trying to live in another country. Or some of them do it only for the pleasure of improving their language skills.
-Man, she will not look at you when she's just looking for a chance to get rid of this country with a foreigner. Forget it !!!

- Does she not like local guys???

- No, she's just a gringo hunter !
by William Warney October 31, 2010
That letter also means right, correct,yes.
- Hey yo man, Ain't I right?
- A! You're right,G !!!
by William Warney August 13, 2007
The same of yes,correct,right. Black slang - Afro-American talk.
it's an A, man! let's do it right now!
by William Warney August 11, 2007

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