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Beauty is a corporate invention designed to promote the suffering and insecurity of the masses for the sake of profit. They say it's a state we're all supposed to be achieve, in order to ensure economic, financial, social and recreational success. There is a ridiculous double standard in society at the moment. An attractive blonde who never bothers to do anything useful gets more respect than an ugly git who has the courage and determination to get the fuck out there and do something for him/herself and this world and not be a parasite. Don't you think that's fucked up? Or am I just weird?
'By buying our rubbish, you can achieve beauty, which will make you successful and make your life wonderful and you will never need to worry again' says the greedy corporate pig, who lives off the insecurity and suffering, and above all, gullibility (that means believing lies) of the masses
by Will April 13, 2004
the coolest fuckin city in the world bitchs
dude i want to be cool
dude go to austin!
by will March 22, 2004
Slut or ho
That bitch is a sloot
by Will February 18, 2004
One of the first popular hip hop songs by the Sugarhill Gang. Came out in 1980 and influenced many famous hip hop acts such as Run DMC.
Have you ever went over a friends house to eat and the food just ain't no good, I mean the macaroni's soggy, the peas are mushed and the chicken tastes like wood.
by will January 28, 2005
"Rave" German music band. Consists of H.P. Baxxter (the main singer) and two other keyboardists. Popular in Europe for hits like "Hyper Hyper" and "Nessaja". Impressive live show. Good party music.

Best Techno Band Ever.
I went to a Scooter concert and it was intense.
by Will February 24, 2004
used in game like runescape ... that's mean not for sale
" can i buy your long "
"" no nfs "" ( or n4s)
by will April 08, 2005
aka austin, texas.
home of 6th street, the university of texas the largest university in north america and hot 93.3. one of the most fun and diverse towns in the world. just try the County Line BBQ. im reppin westlake the best lake
yo i live in westlake in the ATX...terrytown sucks
by Will May 12, 2004

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