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1. Any kind of item that can be used to Mollywop someone.
- example: rolled up magazine, drumstick, cooking spoon.
- note: the second you hit someone and yell "You go Mollywoped" the item you use becomes a temparary Mollywop Stick.
1. I swear if you say that one more time, I'm gonna hit you upside the head with the Mollywop Stick.
by Will Busch April 04, 2006
1. A word synonymous with powned.
2. To be beaten, usually in a video game, but can be applied to sports or any other competitive aspect of life.
1. Dude, you got rizzed on last night during the counter strike tourny.
by Will Busch April 04, 2006
1. An adjective derived from the word bomb.
2. Used mostly in Nor*Cal, in particular the northern part of the Bay Area.
1. Dude that shit was Bomb Status. Quick, let's do it again!!
by Will Busch April 04, 2006
1. A word used to describe pain, pleasure, surprise and pretty much any other intense emotion.
1. RIACKE, why did u have to hit me so hard with your mollywop stick
by Will Busch April 04, 2006
1. Excriment, shit, poop, crap, ass crud
1. Jesus, you smell like rigaboo.
by Will Busch April 04, 2006
1. to hit someone with a Mollywop stick
You just got Mollywoped sucka!!
by Will Busch April 04, 2006
1. A common typo used by internet gamers and geeks all over the world.
2. Meant to read "owned", but the P in the beginning is usually inserted by gamers.
1. Dude you just got powned, you dirty haXXor!!
by Will Busch April 04, 2006

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