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to be in a same state of mind or thinking.
I don't know what's wrong with me today; my mind and my body are out of sync. (I can't focus)
by wILdCarD May 06, 2005
Damn cool irishman with a heart of gold.
by WildCard October 31, 2003
lovable, tender as a soft feather and sexy just like a playmate...do you bounce like a bunny???cause i sure would like to find out :)
by WildCard June 05, 2003
cute and sexy...can i eat you...i bet you taste delicious. :)
by WildCard June 01, 2003
very kind and playful. silliness that just reminds me of a cuddly teddybear. totally sweet just like candy...hmm...can i lick you???
by wildcard May 30, 2003
Derived from the character Bluto from Animal House. This is the most outrageous kick ass party goer. They are usually an alumni or a super senior who doesn't ever want to leave the frat castle.
Oscar was the token Blutonian alumni last night when he finished three cases and then threw the pledges down the stairs.
by WilDCarD April 28, 2013
Something I'd like to "warm" up with a little body heat. a coldness for an erectable evening and night...and morning and day, etc, etc. H-O-T-T woman with a bod that says You can't touch this without burning up.
Bluefrost is hotty beyond hot....sure knows how to get my imagination running wild.
by WildCard May 28, 2003
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