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A girl willing to let you stick your dick in any and all of her three orifices. Mouth, Vagina and Asshole.
I had no idea Vanessa was triple input!! Last night she let me fuck her, then she took it in the ass and this morning she gave me a hummer!
by WildBill33 January 28, 2011
Something you say to a person when they spend a little extra money on something such as supersizing a meal, leather seats, or fill up with premium gasoline.
You: Can I get a side of marinara sauce?
Waitress: It's 50 cents extra.
You: That's fine.
Me: Okay, Rockefeller!
by WildBill33 March 19, 2011
Midwest slang expression for asking whether your buddy brought or used a condom.
Hey man, I heard Vanessa is going to be here tonight. Did you bring yours?
by WildBill33 May 27, 2011
The camera typically found at football games that shoots up the cheerleader's skirts.
Oh nice! It looks like the Cowboys found a new guy to operate the Clam Cam!
by WildBill33 June 04, 2011

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