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4 definitions by WildBill33

A girl willing to let you stick your dick in any and all of her three orifices. Mouth, Vagina and Asshole.
I had no idea Vanessa was triple input!! Last night she let me fuck her, then she took it in the ass and this morning she gave me a hummer!
by WildBill33 January 28, 2011
68 5
Something you say to a person when they spend a little extra money on something such as supersizing a meal, leather seats, or fill up with premium gasoline.
You: Can I get a side of marinara sauce?
Waitress: It's 50 cents extra.
You: That's fine.
Me: Okay, Rockefeller!
by WildBill33 March 19, 2011
35 2
Midwest slang expression for asking whether your buddy brought or used a condom.
Hey man, I heard Vanessa is going to be here tonight. Did you bring yours?
by WildBill33 May 27, 2011
19 0
The camera typically found at football games that shoots up the cheerleader's skirts.
Oh nice! It looks like the Cowboys found a new guy to operate the Clam Cam!
by WildBill33 June 04, 2011
18 0