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1 definition by WhoWEF

A sentence that can be heard on the mind-numbing Maury Povich show, which is a show that I watch every day after school but won't admit it.
This sentence is used usually after some ugly black woman is crying because she slept around with 15 guys and got pregnant and now she doesn't know her baby's father is.
LaShoniqua: Ah am 125% sure he is mah baby's daddy. (Sobs moronically)
Maury: Why do you think he refuses to admit he's the father?
LaShoniqua: (Eyes suddenly bug out, angry) Because he do wanna be ah man, he don'wan' da reszponzibility!
He needs to step up and be a man, and take care of his child!!
Drey: I think LaShoniqua is a hoe. She sleep wit everyone.
Maury: When it comes to 4-month-old Naziqua, you are the father.
LaShoniqua: (Leaps up from chair, begins barking into Drey's face as he walks off stage, PO'd.
by WhoWEF February 27, 2005