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A black person's excuse for being ignorant or doing ignorant shit. The person who says that they are "keepin' it real" usually claims to be denying pop culture and sticking with their own thing.

Chris Rock had a good description:
Rock: Nothing makes a nigger happier than not knowing the answer to your question:
(first person):"What's the capital of Zaire?"
(nigger):"Shit, I don't know that!....Keepin' it REAL!"
Rock: Yeah, real DUMB!
by who cares? April 18, 2005
being in the money, bringin' home da bacon, pretty much having a lot of money and being totally covered in it.
damn someday i'll be caked up with all my chains and y'all shut up then!
by who cares? March 30, 2003
Stamina is the ability to last for a decent amount of time when doing an activity - usually a long or particularily straining activity such as a marathon, without becoming too exhasted or tired.
I lasted the whole football match - I have good stamina!

My stamina is excellent - I won a marathon
by Who cares? January 27, 2006
A word used to describe something that is cool or pleasing to you. A very skater word - used very commonly.
person 1 : I got an a* in chemistry
person 2 : KICKASS

Person 3: wow that concert was really kickass
by Who cares? October 06, 2005
The absolute FUNNIEST thing I ever saw on the internet. Involves small, talking, baby, animals going on inane adventures. Very, very vulgar at times but the MOST AMAZING thing ever.
Retarded animal babies rocks my world.

Cat: Dungeons and dragons: a game with weird shaped dice and fuckloads of rules
by Who cares? October 10, 2005
An amazing sport, often stereotyped as a man's game, but girls rugby is growing, and we kickass at it! Requires stamina and willpower.
Rugby is made for all genders - our team is living proof of that.
by Who cares? October 09, 2005
The act of shitty music. Rubbish music with no real meaning in the words - normall aimed at 9-12 year old girls who read Smash Hits and stuff. See Blazin Squad and Westlife

Normal person: turn that musical terrorism off
by Who cares? October 13, 2005
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