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Someone who figured out their mbti personality type and now posts hourly, daily or weekly in on-line discussion forums with their type-related issues.
Those mbti fanatics don't stop going on and on about how their type causes all their problems in life whilst forgetting that Science has proved that everyone has a unique existence.
by WhiteKnight82 June 14, 2009
Facebook users who obsessively become fans of all kinds of ridiculous pages just for the sake of it, regularly appearing in the highlights column for their latest fan-up.
A load of Facebook fannies have again misunderstood the real reason for fanning up to a page -- to actually receive wanted updates.
by WhiteKnight82 June 14, 2009
Short for the Age of Cleave. A period in Earth's history where women walked around with their boobies out in protest to traditional female roles as home makers.
Do you remember the Cleavage? A time of women's liberation..
by WhiteKnight82 June 23, 2009
Someone skilled in the art of using "fake logic" to appear to give sound reasoning about something although half-baked in their actual conception of the idea, usually influenced by whimsical feelings rather than true rational thought.

Also someone who confuses fact with opinion and then diplomatically spreads their "perverted message" to others like a virus, or a meme as Plato called it.
That pseudologist convinced me that god exists.
by WhiteKnight82 June 14, 2009
The shorter way to write the word Socionics which chops off the last two letters and replaces them with a single 'x'.
Have you joined that Socionix forum yet?
by WhiteKnight82 June 23, 2009
English Prime, a special trimmed version of the English language (E-Standard) that excludes all forms of the "to be" verb for improved "mental hygiene".

A useful awareness to have that allows anyone to react carefully and critically towards a situation.

Reinforces the simple philosophy of "et cetera", that a thought will always lead to another thought, that nothing has an absolute meaning.
E-Standard: "Why ARE you so damn ugly?"
E-Prime response: "I don't know what you mean, define "ugly".."
by WhiteKnight82 June 14, 2009
A person who actively takes risks socially, usually incorporating techniques from the PUA community such as peacocking.
Tonight I went out with a socialpreneurial mindset and wowed my friends with my lack of shame as I wore those rosy red shades that attracted attention from the ladies.
by WhiteKnight82 June 12, 2009

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