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A rare animal indigenous to the northeastern United States. The poggipusses diet consists mainly of ice cream and french fries. The poggipuss has an abnormally short butt crack. The poggipuss can often be heard using phrases such as, "Fuck this noise, I want to stuff ma face, and I'm super awesome.
I saw a poggipuss the other day. It told me it was super awesome because it had a short butt crack.
by whipcreemz January 30, 2011
Highly annoying people who use Facebook for no other reason then to constantly post pictures of their hideous, ugly children. These people are usually so wrapped up in their own world, that they fail to realize that their baby looks like a science experiment gone wrong. Unfortunately, those of us who are friends with Babybookers must endure endless photos of their pig-faced, large cranium, cross-eyed offspring.
Babybookers should realize that no one really gives a fuck what their ugly children look like.
by Whipcreemz February 17, 2011
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