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1.that friend you hate that always corrects you when your singing along to songs, and having a good time.
2. Studier of lyrical dialect, tenor, pronunciation, and of everything related to proper transposition of lyrics
(Author) "Any way the wind goes, and nothing really matters to..."
(lyricopheliac) inter ups "Ummm Dude?"
(Author) "Yeah?"
(lyricopheliac) "Its {Blows} dude"
(Author) "Fuck You"
(lyricopheliac) "Try not ruin any more classics please?"
(Author) ......
#lyrica #lyroscopic #lyrodic #lyricisms #lyricolized
by WelcometoDylanD February 04, 2010
1. to make acoustic in sound

a. to take a song and play it acoustically (i.e. "unplugged")
2. to prepare an area so that said area is more resonant (i.e. more acoustic)
"This room sounds dull.... we need to acoustify it with some resonant board to bounce the sound"
"Its really acoustified now, I can hear it much better"
"I like the acoustified version better"
#acoustic #acousticized #acoustification #acousticization #acousticallity
by WelcometoDylanD February 04, 2010
by use of logic...

1. the use of logic to convince someone of something..
a. Arguable constituency
2. an explanation using logic, and reason

2 1/2. to define
3. to stump
4. to correct

(logifying, logicification, logifier, logified)
(Kid)"I like blue"
(Dad)"Im sorry kiddo but you're wrong. Blue hasn't been a color since the late 80s"
(Kid)"But it's my favorite"
(Dad)"Well it cant be your favorite if it doesn't exist now can it?
(Kid)"I guess not"
(Dad)"thats how you logify boy"
(Dad)"Oh yo daddy is a master logifier, yessir!"
#pausibalize #... explanate #.... reasonalienate #.... realificate #.... confusiouize
by WelcometoDylanD February 04, 2010
combination of the word (s): fail, frail, faulty, and fatality

1.characterized by the onset of repeated imaging focusing on the object of your persecutions demise by fantastical means, usually brought on by the failure to develop a; spine, or balls, or the courage to stand up for yourself

a. coping mechanism

2. Paranoid Delusion

3. (a) Worthless Person(s)

portrayed accurately in the made for t.v. series "Ally Mcbeal"
"you're fuckin failty...."
"I had a failty moment, and when I came to, I halfway expected him to still be decapitated"
"I was feelin pretty failty and almost died"
#fight #get over here #toasty #finish him #fatality
by WelcometoDylanD February 04, 2010
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