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Track-suited baseball-cap wearing intellectually challenged knacker (usually from Dublin) who thinks he's a hard man. Usually hang around in groups of 4 or more on street corners at 2am.
tom-thebox from #boards.ie
by Weirdo November 28, 2003
place where all dem dead people sleep
i burried grama pearl in the cemetery
by weirdo June 23, 2003
spanish for "we should celebrate our differences"
nacho taco chimichanga i always say!
by weirdo April 18, 2005
To beat relentlessly with a fish, usually with a large trout or tuna
That dude was pissing me off, so I FISHSLAPPED him with a tuna.
by weirdo June 27, 2003
The most underappreciated, but overall best, civ in the RTS game Age of Mythology: The Titans expansion pack.
Gaia's lush makes it impossible for the enemy to conquer your base!!
by weirdo October 03, 2004
When someone asks you how you are, its the standard reply when you are annoyed/angry/upset/etc and don't want to tell them, or don't want to explain why.
Jim: How are you?
John: pfft, you?
by weirdo February 05, 2005

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