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1: When your girlfriend notices the smell and taste of lotion on your dick. A man's dick is never suppose to smell like lilacs

2: The medical terminology for when a man places his penis into the microwave and sets the time to "popcorn setting", which in turn blows up the tip of his penis so that it resembles the lilac
My girl noticed that I had the Lilac Dick. I told her I only thought about her when I jerked it though
#bj #arkansas #belgian #boner #medical
by Weiner Stinkman September 23, 2011
The place where they send the mentally handicapped so that normal people can live out their normal lives. A normal student at the sunshine academy could expect to either finger paint all day, or fart in a bathtub and laugh their ass off.
I sent my son to the sunshine academy so I could bang my wife the other day
#bj #arkansas #belgian #weiner #retards
by Weiner Stinkman September 23, 2011
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