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Satisfyingly apt description of a certain breed of insensitive male sex partner, deriving from Vlad the Impaler, the infamous 15th century Transylvanian Emperor.
It was like being knobbed by Vlad the Impaler
by Wednesday December 17, 2004
Engaged in the act of anal sex.
I was making brownies with your mum last night.
by Wednesday April 20, 2005
the wonderful, sexy, l33t master of the megatokyo fame
ph34r my l4ck of b33r
by Wednesday July 18, 2004
In utero, in the womb, ante natal, inside a woman who is up the duff, in the pudding club, etc.
"My cousin's got one in the oven and it's due next March"
by Wednesday January 02, 2004
Auto sniping pidgeon touching Wendy.
OMG, fu donick.
by Wednesday February 22, 2004
A band from Des Moines, Iowa, made up of 9 people who never claim to be the best or heaviest metal band on earth, yet somehow, people are always saying that they suck just because they aren't as heavy as some other bands out there. The members of Slipknot have a lot of musical talent, and just because they choose to be signed onto a major record label, doesn't mean that everyone should diss them for just trying to make a living.
People think they are so cool when they say 'Oh, Slipknot isn't hardcore. They suck because I listen to underground death metal bands who no one has ever heard of because I'm an individual' when the members of Slipknot probably have more talent than they ever will.
by Wednesday March 10, 2004
one who is NOT Merp.
see:Merp, Morp
Yikes, Meep!
Did you see that Meep was checking you out!
by Wednesday November 25, 2003

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