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1 definition by Wedgiereciever

An atomic wedgie consists of 10 steps: Number 1: Find a victim, preferably in a public place(school).Make sure the victim is male, weak, and wears tighty whities.Also, a nerdy kid is recommended.Number 2:Knock the kids books down in the hallway. Make sure they are all on the floor.He will bend over to pick them up. Number 3: When he bends over, grab his underpant's waistband. Make sure you have a tight grip on his undies before yanking.(Take note of what kind of underpants he is wearing,so you know which type is strongest and won't rip easily.Two good kinds are Hanes and Fruit of the Loom.)Number 4: By this time the victim knows what you are trying to do, so, before he can run away, you must pull his underpants up with all your strength.Pull up and do not release your grip. The victim will probably start crying,or shreik out with pain, so you have to cover his mouth to prevent an adult from hearing. To do this, you should probably get someone to help you.Number 5: Keep pulling! The underpants should be showing in the front, too. Also the legholes should start to appear in the back. That is a very good sign, because it tells you that the undies are wedged right in between the victim's butt cheeks. This causes extreme pain, but to make sure that the victim is embaressed, you must make sure that a crowd is watching. To get a crowd, you might want to tell people what you are going to do before you wedgie the victim. Number 6: If the victim pees,it will only make him more embaressed. Don't forget to keep pulling, because your goal is to pull the underwear over the head. To add to the embaressment, have one of your friends, to pull down the victim's pants. Since the undies are being pulled up, most of the victim's butt will be showing.Tell your friend to get a book and spank his butt with as much force as possible. His cheeks will turn beet red when you are done.Number 7: the underwear will be near the back of the victim's head by now. Keep pulling and you will eventually reach up over the victim's head, causing the underwear to go further up the victim's crack. You can duct tape the undies to the victims forehead for more effect. The undies will blind the victim, often causing them to run in circles and run into things. Number 8: Bring the victim to the boys bathroom. He won't know where he is because of the undies! Bring them to a stall, where a dirty toilet is. The water can be either clean, or if you like filled with either pee, or poop. Grab the victim's head, and push it into the toilet bowl. The victim will try to scream, but only gurgles will come out. Take the toilet handle and press it as many times as possible. Splashing will occurand this will get the victim wet with more toilet water. Be sure that the wedgie is still in, and while the victims head is in the toilet you might want to give the undies a couple more yanks.Number 9: Take the victims clothes off, except the undies,Know he will have to stay there or be completly embaressed. Be sure to laugh at him. This can cause the victim to become frustrated and try to attack you. If he does, yank his undies until they rip, give him constant nuggies til his hair falls out, and swirlie him till he can't breath. You can clean his ears with the wet willy, ore spank him until he cries for his mom.At this point the victim is totally soiled, so you hav emany options. You can even go to the cafeteria, get some old food and stick it down his underpants if you want to. This causes a messy wedgie!!!Number 10: Hang the victim from flagpole at the end of school. He will stay there for the rest of the night. Walk proudly away from your victim, knowing that you had scarred him for life.(By the way, these instructions are based on what happened to me yesterday. It hurt!)
Last year, I waswalking down the hall when my underpants were yanked up over my head, causing extreme pain. It was an atomic wedgie. They stuffed me into a locker and left me there all weekend. My crack was stuffed with tighty whities, and I couldn't do anything about it.
by Wedgiereciever July 18, 2008
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