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1 definition by Wecanjustbefriendsokay?

A term used to vilify a woman for excercising her right to say no. One day the male gender just decided that if you're friends with a woman or nice to her that she's obligated to date you and if she doesn't she's a horrible person. Women are put in the friend zone too, but society vastly ignores this fact. It's usually guys who go after extremely attractive women, and when they're rejected they think of this woman as shallow even though he himself is shallow for only pursuing women he sees as beautiful or pretty.
Bob: Wahhh! Suzy put me in the Friend Zone!

Joey: Forget her! All women are evil!

Suzy: Excuse me? Not only did I loose one of my closest friends because it turns out they were only pretending to be my friend in hopes of getting in my pants, but somehow this all makes me the villain here?
by Wecanjustbefriendsokay? February 03, 2012