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A shot to the head that results in instant death
by Webster's Dictionary May 31, 2003
Scientific Name: Ornithorhynchus anatinus genitalius

(pronoun): 1 A reference to some person, place or thing;

(noun): 2 A platypus' genitals; 3 A reference to someone else's genitalia(specifically, a woman's breasts); 4 The male sex organ; 5 A birthday greeting.

plural: platypi genitalia
1 Hey, whatever happened to that platypus genitatlia we used to play ball with?
2 That looks like platypus genitalia!
3 That's a nice set of platypi genitalia you have there, *wink* *wink*.
4 That chick smoked my platypus' genitalia last night.
5 Happy platypus genitalia!
by Webster's Dictionary September 29, 2004
One who likes who get fuxd up and jerk it to porn
<Janoth> I ran outta alcohol and all i have is some bogus ass fuckin asophogous restoration pills or some shit in the medicine cabnet so it sux i need some xtra strength robutussin
by Webster's dictionary January 17, 2003
An alternate spelling of the word and.
I would like to punch you anf kick you.
by Webster's Dictionary December 09, 2003
1) Any member of the Williams family
2) A fan of NASCAR
3) Anyone that wears wristbands and/or funny looking shoes
4) Anyone who comes from a long line of lawn care professionals
5) Anyone hailing from New Haven, Connecticut
Wow, Nate Williams is total white trash
by Webster's Dictionary March 15, 2005
A crazy russian.
Wow, hes brigade.
by Webster's Dictionary March 23, 2003
adj. the property of having equal to or less than the amount of hair possessed by Zach Becker (a.k.a. bald kid)
Zach Becker has a low self-esteem and often cries because he is bald.
by Webster's Dictionary November 22, 2004

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