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An adjective describing something pleasing or well done.
Well done, Bob. That was a cocktastic presentation. I'm going to recommend you for a raise.
by Web Willy April 07, 2003
Another terms for anal sex. On maps of the London Underground, the Bakerloo line is coloured brown. Harrow and Wealdstone is the station at the end of the line.
He and Dale Winton were taking the Bakerloo line to Harrow and Wealdstone.
by Web Willy April 07, 2003
A condom, especially while in use.
Oh shit, my jock sock's cocked.
by Web Willy April 07, 2003
To have vaginal intercourse or oral sex with a woman who is having her period.
I don't care how much you beg, I'm not parting your Red Sea, Moses.
by Web Willy April 07, 2003
A woman experiencing an orgasm for the first time.
I sent her on the Virgin Express to Heathrow last night...
by Web Willy April 07, 2003
An excessively long foreksin, resulting in the foreskin overhanging the penis and looking like a purple Scotsman in a pink kilt.
My cock skirt's a bit chilly tonight.
by Web Willy April 07, 2003
Women's pubic hair.
I've still got bits of your minge fringe in my teeth from the other night.
by Web Willy April 07, 2003

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