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An absaloutaley gorgeous girl whos smile lights up the room, her personality my world, and her voice my soul. I'll Love this girl forever more. Love Aaron x x x x
Rhona im gonnae pure chib u btw
by Johnny Cage April 14, 2005
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(Ron-A not Row-na and not Ron-da.. there is not a D)

Kind, funny, amazing selfless person- always put everybody's needs before her own.Very strong and independent. Very easy to get along with, everybody loves and makes everybody laughs. Best mom in the world.
Famous real-life people named Rhona:

Rhona Bennett, American singer and actress.
Rhona Mitra, British actress.
Rhona Adair, British golf champion.
by KittyBee February 03, 2010
Someone who has an affinity for licking anuses
"Stop licking my ass! Don't be such a Rhona"
by Manbearpig297 November 28, 2014
Someone who has an affinity for telling terrible stories
Someone who frustates everyone around them
"Hey look it's Rhona, we better leave soon."

"Rhona's telling another story, time to get the hell out of here."
"Did you hear Rhona's story yesterday? Yeah it was really boring"
"This guy is so annoying, what a Rhona"
by Manbearpig297 November 28, 2014

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