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The definition given to a person after they've had a very good night out previously.
Person X: (after getting up) Urrrgh...
Person Y: Morning, El Pisshead!
A harmless insult
Possibly affectionate, not a nasty one
petronella - you are an arse
jemima - ah, ye nipple on a stick!
This is a term which has been carefully refined over the past century. Originating from the expression 'udder on a pole', this phrase came into usage in polite society in the late 20th century.
Meaning: You are daft. Affectionate insult.
Emma: i think Dave fancies you..
Claire: Ahh, ye nipple on a stick, ye.
One day, with a spilitting headache and a 9am lecture, this wonderful phrase came to life.
yelling it just feels so right...
Meaning: its fairly obvious one would have thought
thinking back on a disastrous night out with wayyyyyy too much lambrini (you can tell we're students)you hear the early morning yell "Big, hairy, smelly, sticky, slimy, wrinkled, moist DONKEY BOLLOCKS!"
Originating from the age old saying 'udder on a pole', this phrase has been refined through the ages to the slick, user freindly version we present to you here.
Affectionate insult.
Emma: Claire, are you in denial?
Claire: Ahh, ye nipple on a stick, ye.
From the definition of bint, a cloth eared bint would be a loose term for a stupid bloke who thinks that women aren't lisening to him. and he would be right. wench can also be applied, or so claire says. emma thinks claire and dave make ou go aaahhhhh. and hib thinks the same. hib makes emma go aahhh.
Dave: Come here Claire, you wench
Claire: Piss off, you cloth eared bint
Emma:Ditto, and stop going on about the zone in front of hib.
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