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The kind of swag that only Rudy Moody can have. All the girls love it
Look at Rudy with his Moody swag going. He's going to get some pussy tonight!
by We Jerkin July 15, 2010
The Rule that if you wear Tims (Timbalands), you will get head at some point during the day.
Nick: Dude, I'm wearing my Tims today.
Alfred: Does your girl know the Tims rule?
Nick: Yeah man, why else do you think I'm wearing Tims?
by We Jerkin February 05, 2010
a discreet way of asking someone if they are down for sex.
Alan: Hey Amber, d46?
Amber: Sure! as long as you have protection!
by We Jerkin February 18, 2010

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