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The practice used by marginally profitable companies to compensate for ineffective management by releasing people from their employment.
Even after the layoff, the company still could not get into the black.
#fired #dismissed #hired #lay off #unemployed
by Way Cool Rich May 03, 2007
To grasp the deep true meaning of a topic. To understand, to have a revelation
You can stop your arguing not, I see the light.
#saw the light #revelation #understanding #comprehend #religious experience
by Way Cool Rich May 03, 2007
Shoes worn by lesbians that are devoid of style and often look manly; a distinguishing charastic of lesbians. lesbian rug muncher dyke
Look at the dyke over there in the comfortable shoes.
#lesbian #dyke #rug muncher #muff diver #clit licker
by Way Cool Rich May 02, 2007
Tentatively scheduled or tentatively planned. Sometimes used to give the appearance of wanting to meet when no such desire exists.
Ok John, I've got you pencilled in for two o'clock on Thursday unless something comes up.
#planned #scheduled #tentative #evasive #ambiguous
by Way Cool Rich May 02, 2007
A firm massage of the muscles on the back of the neck from below the jawbone into the shoulders, preferable provided by a member of the opposite sex. Sometimes use as an early flirting move.
After working at the computer all day, I could really use a neck rub.
#message #flirt #touch #stress #tension
by Way Cool Rich May 03, 2007
To survive the loss of a job by getting another job. Can be used for other tragedies.
Hal was devistated by the layoff, buy I'm sure he will land on his feet.
#fired #layoff #hired #recovery #employed
by Way Cool Rich May 03, 2007
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