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Something girls rarely perform to the level of a man's satisfaction. They often misconstrue the act of just putting your love rod between their lips. Girls should be mindful of that fact that a proper blowjob consists of taking your shaft deep down into their mouths until the tip of your shaft reaches the back of their throats and hold it there for a few seconds. This may cause some gagging, welling of tears, but they should learn to take it. Then they can slowly withdraw it, but not completely. This should be repeated as neccessary until the man shoots his hot, thick load down their throats, at which point, they should swallow with relish and joy. This too, may cause some gagging, resulting in some of the load to be spewed out of their nostrils, but they should learn to enjoy the experience.

A proper blowjob is especially satisfying after the man has been pumping the girl's ass with it for a while and the girl takes the pleasure stick directly from her ass to her mouth.
Man, that bitch gave me such a good blowjob lastnite that when I woke up this morning, I found the bed sheet stuck up between my ass.
by Want_It_Deep May 16, 2003

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