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The highly prized act of self-fellatio. Only performed by 0.000001% of the male species. Never seen, as performers never leave their place of residence.
I took Yoga lessons for 10 years, just to learn self-oral.
by Wanker February 10, 2003
1.British for msturbation.
2.An insult to do with wanking (see above).
3.something shit.
1. God, I need a wank.
2.Yanks are such wankers
3.That film was wank.
by Wanker March 29, 2005
A character in a series of Japanese films about a blind traveling swordsman.
Zatoichi killed that guy with his sword.
by wanker November 28, 2004
Nickname for the Turkish soccer club Galatasaray.
Cimbom scored three goals last night against Fenerbahce.
by wanker November 28, 2004
Japanese porn actor and professional wrestler, so named for his dark brown scrotum.
Chocoball Mukai was arrested again for lewd conduct.
by wanker November 28, 2004
The Japanese practice of "manly love," or homosexuality.
All the samurai got together in the castle and practiced shudo with each other
by wanker November 28, 2004
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