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Search page on www.thankyourwank.com that allows you to look up anyone and "thank" them for thinking about them while masturbating!
I looked up Todd on thankyourwank.com Wank Bank and he had so many points on his Wank Balance! I couldn't resist and I added one more. Such a good wank!
by WankMistress July 11, 2011
Person that someone thinks about while masturbating. People featured on thankyourwank.com as masturbation muses for other wankers visiting the website.
I always use thankyourwank.com to search and vote for my favourite wankees and thank them for the wanktastic times!
by WankMistress July 11, 2011
Top most wanked to people featured on thankyourwank.com The Wall of Wanks includes man, woman and celebrities that the users of the website +1 everytime they wank thinking about them.
Everyone wanks so hard at Hayley Williams that no wonder she is always featured on the wall of wanks of thankyourwank.com
by WankMistress July 11, 2011
Most wanked to people on earth featured on thankyourwank.com The wank stars include a list of guys, a list of gals and a top of most wanked to celebrities.
Shasha Grey is such a wank star! She is always on the top most wanked to people on thankyourwank.com
by WankMistress July 11, 2011
Instant alerts generated by thankyourwank.com when you thank someone for a wank and they thank you back, meaning they also wanked thinking about you!
I wanked thinking of Jennifer last week and just today I got a Mutual Wank Alert from thankyourwank.com saying she just wanked to me too! Wow! We are so gonna hook up now!
by WankMistress July 11, 2011
Website where you can search people you think about while masturbating and "thank" them by adding a +1 to their wank-bank balance. People can thank you back and generate a "mutual wank alert".
Man! I searched Lucy on thankyourwank.com and added +1 to her wank-bank balance! I hope she wanks to me too and I get a mutual wank alert!
by WankMistress July 11, 2011

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