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A solo sex act where a male heats his scrotum with a hair dryer or similar impliment followed by "dropping" in a bowl of ice water to introduce rapid temperature change. This results in the testicles shrinking (shrinkage) and if done properly, a "hands free" ejaculation/masturbation.
Dude! My roomate was trying Joy Dropping and burned his nuts with the hair dryer! That idiot needs a real girlfriend...
by WankDoctor August 11, 2011
Bum Eating is a form of Autocannibalism believed to have originated in the west african region.

The act of bum eating consists of one or more people using a razor blade to cut skin and fatty tissue from their bottoms. This “bottom steak” is then layed out flat and spices and a mashed up combination of nuts and berries are added and then cooked over a small electric grill. Outside of others helping a person reach the right area during a mutual bum eating session, bum eaters cut and eat their own flesh.

This is NOT a common practice and is looked down upon in the local society and is considered an insult to call another person a bum eater.
Stay away from the docks at night, that place is full of dirty sailors that are into bum eating.
by WankDoctor December 14, 2014

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