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A key ingredient required for the carrying out of proper pwnage. One acquires pwnsauce by developing legitimate skills in one's respected craft (usually in reference to video games). The word is commonly used in video games as a derogatory term.
After having killed a person in any particular video game 8 times in a row, one might say, "Do you like that pwnsauce I keep shooting all over your face?" or, "Awe man, my pwnsauce is getting all over the floor."
by WTFPWNSAUCE March 25, 2010
An acronym for oblivious to the obvious. Usually used as a verb, but can be used as a noun.
(noun) In retrospect, Nate realized he was being an otto after finding out she was a he. He was relentlessly jeered by all who knew of the incident for the rest of his natural born life.

(verb) Is it possible to be so otto as to not notice the adams apple, or the bulge in heshe's dress for that matter?
by WTFPWNSAUCE March 25, 2010
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