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2 definitions by WNYmathGuy

It is a level of stupid below retarded. A person is so unschooled that they can't deal with reason or logic. This level of ignorance passionately rejects sound thinking by ignoring all arguments against their incorrect knowledge out of a feeling of fear/righteous, and cites only the faulty information from their original sources to bolster their incorrect information.
I just talked to that guy and thought he was on acid or insane, but he's just GOP-stupid.
by WNYmathGuy January 31, 2011
7 3
This is when a person is a very good student of a teacher that teaches incorrect information. The result is an unschooled individual.
I found out my mom was so unschooled that she thought the Jews were modeled off the Christians.
by WNYmathGuy January 31, 2011
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