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People who sit in their garage rather than their yard or porch. Typically they sit on lawn chairs, upside down 5 gallon buckets, or coolers and they often separate themselves with a cooler or other quasi-table to set their drinks, ashtrays and cigarettes on. Oftentimes they can be spotted wearing NASCAR apparel, listening to or watching NASCAR, or grilling.
There goes the Smiths sitting in their stupid lawn chairs in their garage drinking beer and smokin cigarettes. Wonder what lameass NASCAR race is on today to pull the garage sitters off the couch. Or maybe the Colts are playing again.
by WGator January 17, 2011
People who are never seen without a big old 32 ounce coke, mountain dew or other large beverage from a gas station in their hand. They are also the last person in the world based upon their weight and existing diet that should be walking around 24/7/365 slammin down gallons of soda.
Here comes that fatass gas station coke drinker. She couldn't pass up a 32 ounce 600 calorie soda if her life depended upon it. She's always having to stop and pick one up on her way and then sitting down sucking it up and over her rotten ass teeth.
by WGator January 17, 2011
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