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A very great way to say Fucked in the Ass with a Big Rubber Dick.
1.Holy shit dude that girl just got f'd in the A with a big rubber D
2.would u ever get f'd in the A with a big rubber D
by WDT November 08, 2006
1.Someone who is fucking ugly.

2.A person who is hidious lookin.
person 1- Damn Beyonce is a very sexy girl.
person 2- Yea she is but Brintney Spears is Fugly.
by WDT November 10, 2006
Funky Ass Breath, nasty smelling breath
Jim:hey sally want to go to the movies on friday
Sally(with bad breath:yea i would love to
Jim: Damn Girl u got some F A B would u like a mint.
by WDT November 08, 2006
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