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taking cocaine
we are going to a party to do some indoor snowing
by wanktissue February 24, 2010
by WANKTISSUE February 08, 2010
Whore of Babylon
carly is a W.O.B, a dirty whore
by wanktissue February 08, 2010
a seriously fugly person, who speaks in a monotone voice and is as sexy as a billingate market and her magic beean is up the bean stalk with a giant
a woman who is more male than female and her name is fiona c
by wanktissue February 08, 2010
a ginger dj that is obsessed with midgets and wants 1 as a friend so he can stroke them and hang them by their little ankles and play leap frog with them. he also wears a white sparkly tutu and nipple tassels
hank is a person who has gerbils up his bum
by wanktissue February 07, 2010

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