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11 definitions by WANGster

to get shafted because everything comes down on you at once
Dude: How'd you do on your midterms?

Me: I got cluster fucked :(
by wangster November 06, 2003
Chinese girl who's real name is Katherine Tong, but since everybody is too lazy to call her by her full name, we say Kattong.
Person 1: Hey Katherine Tong
Kattong: OMG!
Kattong: its kattong.. get it right butthole
by wangster April 23, 2005
the dorksterette of bellaire high school. man way too uncool for school
dh + di chen = love!
by wangster April 24, 2005
expresses extreme gayness
"HEY PARTNER! wanna go walabaloo?? tee hee heee"
by wangster April 21, 2005
A dressing made of beaten semen, oil, lemon juice or vinegar, and seasonings.
I'm going to have some wangonnaise in this sandwich.
by Wangster May 23, 2003
paper-baggable female
"cover the face and fuck the base!"
by WANGster February 20, 2005
A drink made of semen, water, and sugar.
It's so hot, I think I'll have a nice glass of wangonade.
by Wangster May 25, 2003