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Noun. From blinding. Something so good, it has the potential to cause spectator's eyesight to fail.
Henry played a blinder in the last match.
by WA May 14, 2004
Mountainbiking or freeride snowboarding term for someone who's good at throwing themselves off cliffs and landing a blinder.
That Bourdon bloke, he's a proper huckmeister.
by WA May 14, 2004
To hang up the rear wheel of ones bicycle on the lip of a double.

Also "Rodged" (Roj'd).
I cased that landing like a goodun. I did, I really rodged it.
by WA May 09, 2005
A dull multi-person vehicle manufactured by Volkswagen mainly driven badly by British suburban mothers.
by wa June 19, 2003
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