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5 definitions by W3ird_N3rd

Dutch abbreviation invented in 2002 by a small group of people on Gathering of Tweakers who wanted to make a point. It means "MAsterburen MOEt Kunnen In Een Relatie". That's Dutch for "Masturbation should be allowed within a relationship".

You might also find the term SeMoeKBER. This is a variant of MaMoeKIER which was invented by a single person in 2006 who wanted to make a point as well. It means "SEx MOEt Kunnen Buiten Een Relatie". That's Dutch for "Sex should be allowed outside a relationship". This variant didn't really catch on though.
So you have a girlfriend and you still masturbate? Are you a member of MaMoeKIER?
by W3ird_N3rd December 13, 2007
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smthg is how idiots spell "something".
Furst I wuz like doin smthg thn I wuz like wut?
by W3ird_N3rd October 01, 2011
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It's the hole where, because of a lack of interest/knowledge/sense of humor/etc from the editors, the words you try to add to urbandictionary disappear in.
OMG my definition for Urban Dictionary went into the lackhole! My life is over! I'm gonna kill myself!
by W3ird_N3rd April 03, 2011
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Dutch slang for:

Gentlemen's Sausage
trouser snake
pork sword

Oh hell, you're getting it.
Dutch: Gast, je hebt je snikkel in een bijenkorf gestoken? WAAROM?

English: Dude, you put your snikkel in a beehive? WHY?
by W3ird_N3rd March 04, 2012
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Used by programmers. When a programmer writes a patch (like everything in software, made from bits) for a big project, he would want it to be merged with the project as soon as possible. If the patch is not merged and other patches are applied to the project, the patch may not apply anymore or conflict with patches added between the time the patch was written and the present.

For example, if I've written a patch for Firefox 5 years ago, I won't be able to use it to patch the current version of Firefox.

For non-geeks, compare it to a car. You and me are building a car (big project). I've made an engine (the original patch) but haven't installed it in our car yet because I didn't have the time. While I'm trying to find time to install the engine, you install some bicycle pedals (a conflicting patch). My engine won't fit anymore, it now suffers from bitrot.
I want to get this patch upstream, so that it doesn't suffer from bitrot.
by W3ird_N3rd September 22, 2010
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