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1)Breast Rest is the action of a female leaning forward over a table, bar, etc causing her tits to lay on the surface of said object. @)Also can be summed up into one word...Brest. pronun. (bur-EHst)
1)I was watching that hot ass bitch Breast Rest from across the bar when she was ordering her drink.

2) Q: Why are you staring her down?
A: I simply cannot look away from a Brest
by Vulgardefmaker January 18, 2008
Loosely based on the hit boardgame Chutes and Ladders. The object of this new board game from Porker Brothers is to land on as many spaces on the board that display a pile of steamy poo as possible in 15 moves. The winner of the game then gets to empty his/her bladder onto his unworthy opponents.
You better hope I dont win in our game of Poopchutes and Bladders tonight cuz Ive been drinking orange juice all day and havent pissed once!!
by Vulgardefmaker January 18, 2008
known as the splashing of water on or around the area of your ass when taking a heavy, torpedo-like shit into a toilet that contains water.
"Man, I caught some vicious poop schmack off of that stink ball!!!"
by Vulgardefmaker January 18, 2008
Analousalt is commonly confused with anal assault in pronunciation but has no real connection with anal rape. Analousalt is classified in the family with swampass which refers to a sweaty posterior end (ass). Anal refers to the asshole whereas salt refers to sweat. Combine the two to birth "Analous-Salt.
Jesus Christ, this analousalt is really chapping my asshole.
by Vulgardefmaker January 18, 2008
Butthole Dickmole occurs when one is engaged in sexual intercourse of the anus and upon withdrawal of the penis, notices that there is a smidgen of poo on the head of his penis bearing much resemblence to a mole. If your name happens to be Spencer, you may panic in fear that your fuckbuddy might see the speck of shit which would cause severe awkwardness so you decide to ingest the mole-resembling dot of shit and then comment to your friends that it didnt even have a taste. "very bland"
Joe Shmoe: Im afraid to fuck her in the ass cuz i dont want to end up with a "Butthole Dickmole"

Spencer: Dude, all you have to do is eat it before she sees it and your golden man. besides, it doesnt even taste bad! AAA UUUUUUUU
by Vulgardefmaker January 18, 2008
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