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"Wolf" in Serbian.

Eng: Wolf, Germ: der Wolf, Swed, Ulv or Varg, Kurd: Varq or Gorg, Pers: Gorg, Fren: Loup.
Respect the Wolves. Vukovar.
by Vuk November 06, 2003
~Southern Accent~
"Broke your heart?! A heart is meat - meat don't break!" - Ken Muslimovic
You can rip a heart, tear it, hurt it or burn it.. But you can't break it. Hearts don't break. They cut.
by Vuk November 06, 2003
Madness is not a blurring or distortion of reality.. It's a sudden extreme clarity of things, unaffected by feelings or emotions"

- Ken Muslimovic.
A: You're mad.
B: That, I am, dear friend. That, I surely am.
by Vuk November 22, 2003
When a guitarist palm mutes the strings and plays some notes (usually an open E)

Tabulated as:


It is pronounced as je-je-je-je-je- and ended with Jennn..

Heavy metal dudes would know what this is.
by Vuk November 23, 2003

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