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Is a name for a person that is half asian and half black. Also known as Blasian or Blackie Chan.
Guy: HI, are you asian or black?
AWESOME DUDE: No, im black and asian.
Guy: So you Burned Rice?
by Vuietnam November 24, 2010
A person that is half black and half asian. Also known as Burned Rice or Blasian. THEY KILL EVERYTHING!!!
Guy: who is that?
Person: idk but the looks like a Blackie Chan.
Guy: cool.
by Vuietnam November 24, 2010
it is a llama that has aquired wings and now is a flying llama. this is a very rare and is only seen when you find its owner Chuck Norris. He is the nonly one that can tame one.
Guy: What is that?
Person: Its flying llamas!
Person: I want one!
Guy: i heard that only Chuck Norris can tame them.
Person: DAMN IT!!!
by Vuietnam November 04, 2010
A person who is half german and half asian. It is a very weird mix and people are surprised when people tell them they have a white parent
Person: hey
Guy: yo
Person: I have a question what are you, like asian, white, black, etc.
Guy: im asian and german.
Person: what?
guy: i'm a Banzai Nazi
by vuietnam December 03, 2010

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