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A perverse sexual act in which during oral sex the male ejaculates into the receiver's mouth and squeezes his or her cheeks to force the cum out followed by smashing it into his or her face, a la a wealthy individual getting hit in the face with a cream pie in an old comedy short like The Three Stooges. This is easier to perform if the receiver is the spitting type.
Yeah bro, it would have, but I totally gave her The Wealthy Dowager last night!
by Vonsternium March 08, 2011
A very rare sexual act/prank (that has very little to do with pineapples at all, curiously) in which the perpetrator hollows out a watermelon and by various means fills it up with vomit before they place it beside their bed. Later on, when they are fornicating with their partner in the doggy-style position and they are about to climax, they proclaim loudly, "Pineapple pocopo!" and take the hollowed out watermelon and smash it over their partner's head. It is preferable to do this when one's partner is intoxicated so as to confuse them but provide a reasonable explanation the next day about the presence of vomit and their raging headache.
"What did you guys do last night? It sounded crazy."
"Okay don't tell anyone, but I totally gave her the pineapple pocopo!"
by Vonsternium December 09, 2010

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