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When you troll somebody really hard!!!
and consequences will never be the same
guy 1: so i herd you leik mudkipz

guy 2: no

guy 1: so i herd you leik mudkipz

guy 2: shutup

guy1:so i herd you leik mudkipz allllot!!!

guy2: rages and makes a video of him having an emotional breackdown and upload on youtube

guy 2's father: you dun goofed
by VoltronLadiesMan August 13, 2010
the funniest qoute from the movie "Step Brothers"
you probably looked this up because you lolz so hard at the qoute that you decide to go on urban dictionary to lolz some more. or because you listen to Slayer and leik mudkipz
Will Ferrell:who's the retard?
John C.Reilly: You
Will Ferrell: Hey you dont say that!
by VoltronLadiesMan August 04, 2010

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